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Do you need a towing company to tow your classic car in Lander, Wyoming? When you need a towing company to tow your classic car or high-end vehicle you are going to want a towing company that specializes in towing classic cars.

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Great Divide Towing specializes in towing classic cars, high-end vehicles, low-profile vehicles, and more. Our team consists of certified tow truck operators who are committed to transporting your vehicle safely and competently. Like you, we love and value classic cars, which is why we will go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible towing services.  Just like our classic car transport services, we also provide superior towing and roadside assistance services. Below is a list of a few of our customer-oriented services.

Our phones are always answered if you have any questions, and our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Check out a few of our affordable services below:

  • Tire Change Service

  • Accident Towing

  • Equipment Transport

  • Winching Service

  • Recovery Service

  • Unlock Service and more

Looking For  Damage Free Towing Service?


For immediate assistance, call 307-349-7476. Or if you would like, you can schedule your tow at a later date with a call back and fill out the form below.

    Experienced Classic Car Towing

    Don’t call just any towing company to tow your classic or vintage vehicle. Call the best classic car transport company in Lander, WY. Great Divide Towing provides professionally affordable and damage-free towing service no matter what you drive.

    Classic Car Towing

    Flatbed Towing

    One of the safest ways to transport your classic, low-profile, high-end, or sports car is via a flatbed tow truck. When towing your vehicle with a flatbed tow truck, your car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, and motorcycle rides on the bed of the truck, which allows your vehicle to be up off the ground, which prevents wear and tear, dint, and dings that could happen while towing with a traditional tow truck.

    Safety is always our top priority whether you require a short-distance or long-distance tow. Our tow truck company service hours never stop; therefore, no matter the hour you need our services, you can count on us to respond promptly.

    Does your vehicle have modifications? The best and most affordable way to get your modified vehicle from point A to B is by calling us at Great Divide Towing for our flatbed towing service.

    All towing services can be scheduled for a later time and date, or services can be rendered immediately. No matter what you need Great Divide Towing is a customer-oriented towing service company.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Don’t take a hike with a broken-down bike; call us at Great Divide Towing. We provide emergency motorcycle towing in Lander, Wy. Whether on the highway or in town, you can count on us to give your bike a lift to your home, mechanic, or any drop location you desire. Because of our years of experience, we can address any roadside emergency breakdown. From roadside help to short or long-distance towing, our friendly, highly skilled tow truck operator will provide you with the towing service you need.
    When calling us, you will speak to a courteous dispatcher who will take your information, answer any questions you may have, and then will dispatch the closest tow truck to your location. If your bike breakdown is from mechanical issues, we will tow it to your mechanic. You can trust us at Great Divide Towing the next time you have trouble with your bike, whether from an accident or a mechanical issue.

    Classic Car Towing

    Great Divide Towing, headquartered in the scenic town of Lander, Wyoming, is a leading provider of towing and related services in the region. With a steadfast dedication to ensuring the safety and convenience of our clients, we offer an array of services tailored to meet a wide spectrum of needs. Our Light Duty Towing services are designed to handle vehicles of smaller proportions, ensuring that they are transported securely to their desired destinations. But our commitment doesn’t stop there; Great Divide Towing also offers dependable roadside assistance for those unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that drivers and their vehicles are not left stranded. Additionally, for those more challenging situations where vehicles might be stuck or in precarious positions, our winching recovery services are at the ready, showcasing our comprehensive approach to helping drivers in any predicament they might face on the roads of Wyoming.

    If you experience problems with your engine and require car breakdown towing assistance, contact Great Divide Towing. We’re the best towing company in Lander, Wyoming.

    Flat Rates For Top Quality Service

    Have you ever hired a towing company that didn’t have the experience you need to resolve your roadside breakdown? Our Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators at Great Divide Towing will ensure your classic car is safe and secure before we transport it. Most importantly, we are committed to providing dependable services with upfront flat-rate fees that are affordable

    Around The Clock Dependable Towing Services And More