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    Motorcycle Towing Lander, Wyoming

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    Great Divide Towing and Recovery is your trusted towing resource. You can count on us for a variety of services for Lander, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. Our trained tow truck operators are always available to tow your cars, trucks, SUV’s, and motorcycles. And, we can provide a quick jump start service if your car’s battery is dead. You can count on Great Divide Towing to work hard for you when you need us.

     Provide towing and roadside assistance services 24 hours every day, 365 days a year so you don’t have to worry.

    Our Services include:

    • Flatbed Towing

    • Wrecker Service

    • Accident Towing

    • Recovery Service

    • Roadside Assistance

    • Equipment Transport

    Reliable Motorcycle Transport

    The team you can trust, Great Divide Towing is a 5-star wrecker company that believes in providing exceptional service to motorists in need. Your satisfaction is the realization of a job well done.


    Five Motorcycle Tips For Riding In The Rain

    Taking a beautiful scenic drive on your motorcycle is a great day to spend your day off or even on your ride into work. But, sometimes, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate. Therefore, we have put together 5 tips to help you avoid any accidental mishaps while driving in the rain. So, the next time mother nature decides to have a crying fit while you’re on your bike, you’ll know what to do.

    1. Tires: Be sure you have adequate tires for a wet road. If you have slick tires, avoid riding on wet roads altogether. Invest in stickier tires ( ultra-soft rubber compound that gives them unbelievable off-road grip for use in off-road)
    2. Avoid Riding Right After It Rains: Why? Because the roads are full of brake fluid, oil, dirt, and other grime before it rains. 
    3. Look Out For In Road Obstacles: Avoid obstacles such as puddles, gravel, or tree branches.
    4. Accelerate and Brake Slowly: Same as in your car, but even more critical on your bike. 
    5. Wear Rain Motorcycle Gear: he kind that is specifically made for wet conditions to keep you warm and safe. 

    Superior Towing And Roadside Assistance

    Whether you are driving a motorcycle, car, SUV, or a truck, Great Divide Towing and Recovery has the training, know-how, and knowledge to help you in any roadside situation. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster trained and follow all safety precautions to ensure the safety of you and your family. If you find yourself roadside in need of a tow or one of our numerous roadside services, you can rest assured you will be in great hands. Run out of gas? Have a flat tire? Did you slide off into the ditch? No worries, call us, Great Divide Towing and Recovery. Have a flat tire and need a change? No problem, we’ll be there in a matter of minutes and get you rolling on down the road again.


    Does AAA Offer Motorcycle Towing?

    If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you probably ride your bike in all kinds of road conditions. Regardless of cold, wind, and rain some hardcore motorcycle buffs still choose to take their bike for a spin. And, some motorcyclists actually use their bikes as their daily driver.  At Great Divide Towing, we understand the freedom and zeal motorcyclists experience when riding and want you to be safe out on the roads. And, while AAA does offer to tow your motorcycle but you must be careful with what towing company you allow to tow your bike. Many tow truck operators do not understand the attention to detail that’s required when towing a two-wheeled motorcycle. But, at Great Divide Towing, we pay extra special attention to the details and only use soft straps and gloves when handling your motorcycle. Call on us for all your bike towing needs.

    Our Philosophy And Why We Have One.

    The best way to keep your home life and professional life on track is by adopting a philosophy to guide yourself, so you don’t get off track. A Philosophy will help keep the random stimuli at bay with little or no impact on long term goals. Without a personal or professional philosophy, we end up living without direction. Here at Great Divide Towing, we tribute our success to our philosophy of providing fast and friendly service by putting our customers’ interests first. We strive for a no-hassle towing experience to serve motorists in need.

    Your Go-To Towing And Roadside Assistance Provider