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Tow Truck Company Lander, Wyoming

When you are looking for a towing company in Lander, Wyoming, to tow your car or truck, look no further than us at Great Divide Towing. Give Us A Call Now For Towing! 307-349-7476

From cars, trucks, and SUVs to all-wheel drive vehicles, we are ready around the clock to manage all your towing and roadside assistance needs. Our skilled towing operators are friendly and provide top-notch customer assistance. We offer many roadside assistance services to help you out when you are in a bind.

We offer our towing and roadside assistance services 24 hours every day. No matter the hour you call we will answer. Check out a few of our affordable services below:

  • Affordable Towing Services

  •  Roadside Assistance

  • Forklift Transport

  • Back Country Recovery
  • Accident Towing

  • Winching Services, and more

Looking for an affordable towing company to tow your car or truck?


If you need immediate assistance call 307-349-7476. To schedule your tow at a later date with call back fill out the form below.

    Your Reliable Tow Truck Company

    No matter the hour of the day or night, Great Divide Towing is ready to hit the road. Our trucks are primed and ready, and our tow trucks operate have the experience, training, and skills you can depend on to get you out of any emergency roadside breakdown you may experience.

    Tow Truck Company

    Accident Towing

    Picture this: It’s early morning. You are heading to Wyoming Life Resource Center to see Nana. The roads are floured with snow and a bit slippery. Just before you turn into the Resource Center, you hit a patch of black ice and slide into the ditch, placing your car sideways.

    That’s where our team comes in. Our team at Great Divide Towing provides accident towing services. We prioritize your safety and will respond immediately because an accident in the winter is frustrating but can also be scary. With ease, expertise, and understanding, our truck operator will walk you through the process to ensure you feel comfortable and have a knowledgeable and honest resource for all your accident towing needs.

    Winching Service

    Are you stuck in the mud? Or maybe pulled too far over on the shoulder and can’t get traction to get back on solid ground. Great Divide Towing provides wrecker services. Our wrecker services include winching and recovery services. No matter how deep you are stuck in the mud, one tire or all, or how far you are off solid ground, we’ll get you back on the road fast. We also provide back-country recovery even for your motorcycle. Whether you were sightseeing or know the back roads by the back of your hand and over-estimated their solidarity, you can rely on our knowledgeable wrecker operator to help you out of your unfortunate bind.

    Tow Truck Company

    When A Roadside Breakdown Strikes CAll US

    You never know when a roadside breakdown might strike—a flat tire, locked out, or an accident. That’s where Great Divide Towing springs into action and is ready for whatever life throws your way. We’ve got your back, whether short- or long-distance tow or an unexpected fender-bender. Having a team that not only answers the phone but jumps right in to tackle your roadside hiccup allows you to breathe easily. When you’re stuck, we’re right there beside you, no matter the vehicle—car, truck, bike, or SUV—whether you need a tow, a winch, or any of our top-notch roadside services. At Great Divide Towing, it’s all about lending a hand during those frustrating roadside moments. You’re not alone in the mess—that’s our promise.

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