Affordable Towing Lander, Wyoming

What do you do when you are sitting on the roadside in Lander with a disabled vehicle? Well, you call us at Great Divide Towing!

When You Need Prompt Roadside Assistance, CALL! 307-349-7476
Don’t allow a roadside breakdown to ruin your day. Get back on track with us at Great Divide Towing with our proficient towing and roadside assistance services. We offer various emergency breakdown services to assist good people like you around the clock. With Wrecmaster Certified tow truck operators ready to hit the road, you can rest assured your breakdown will be in the rearview mirror fast.

Trust our reliable towing and roadside assistance services, which are available 24/7. We promise to answer your call promptly so you can return to the road with peace of mind.

Discover our range of cost-effective roadside assistance services below:

  • Around The Clock Towing Services

  • Afordable Roadside Assistance

  • Accident Recovery Services
  • Equipment Transport
  • Back Country Recovery
  • Recovery Services, and more

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Our dispatchers are standing by to take your call now at 307-349-7476. If you would like to schedule your tow at a later date with call back fill out the form below.

    Affordable Towing Car Services

    Affordability is our top priority. We are a highly qualified towing company that believes in providing the best quality services at ta fair price. Call us, and we promise your wallet will be pleased.

    Towing Car

    Around The Clock Towing

    Unlike Cinderella, we don’t return home when the clock strikes midnight. Our dedicated tow truck operators work around the clock to ensure stranded motorists have a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable towing company in their corner. Whether you need your car towed home, to the mechanic, or to another town, we’ll tow the distance. From a two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle, we’ll swoop in hook-up and get you and your car to your desired destination hassle-free. We also offer accident towing services, flatbed towing, motorcycle towing, and classic car transport services.
    Looking for a way to get your construction equipment from point A to B that works on your schedule? We can help you there too. Our towing and transport services are unlimited to ensure residential and commercial motorists have a reliable, affordable, and proficient resource to turn to when needed.

     A Broad Range Of  Services

    With seasoned tow truck operators who are qualified to handle a wide range of services, you can rest assured we are ready and willing to handle all your roadside assistance needs.

    What if you run over an object on the road that punctures your tire on the way to work, and your tire immediately goes flat? One might think this is a horrible situation to manage, but with Great Divide Towing, we make the horrible easy, all you have to do is call us. With just one call, we’ll dispatch one of our seasoned tow truck operators to change your tire. From the moment he arrives, you’ll feel a sigh of relief. Upon arrival, our tow truck operator will activate all safety lights and park the tow truck in a safe location for you, your vehicle, and passing motorists. Then, assess if it’s safe to change the tire where you are located. If it’s safe, he’ll change your tire, place all your necessary equipment back in its rightful place in a few short minutes, and you’ll return to the road.
    From tire changes to unlocks, battery boosts, gas deliveries, and even providing air for a low tire, you can rest assured that whatever curveball your car throws your way, we have heavy hitters ready to hit a home run. Look no further than Great Divide Towing for a qualified, hassle-free roadside assistance team.

    Towing Car

    Available Around The Clock, Daily

    A flat tire can happen anytime; that’s why Great Divide Towing is always ready for any situation you find yourself in. Whenever you call, whether it’s about a short-distance tow or long-distance tow, a dead car battery, or your steering wheel is locked, we will immediately help you. When roadside issues have frustrated you, we are here to assist you regardless of what kind of vehicle (a motorbike, a car, an SUV, or a truck) you were driving and what type of service (towing, winching, or any other premium-priority services we provide) you need at that time. You are never alone if your car breaks down along the road in and around Lander. Because of Great Divide Towing, we aim to assist people with roadside emergency breakdowns while traveling 24/7.

    Your Roadside Support Experts