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Spare Tire Lander

Do you have a flat tire but need help because your spare is flat too? We are ready to help you.

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Our Great Divide Towing team will provide prompt and professional services whether you need a tow or roadside assistance. You can depend on us to provide you with the right solution to your roadside dilemma no matter day of the year or hour of the day or night. Calling us at Great Divide towing is the right way to get you back on the road again fast.

Going above and beyond to ensure you receive the best possible roadside assistance service is what we do, whether you are a residential or commercial motorist.

Take a look at a few of our affordable services below:

  • Flatbed Towing

  • Wrecker Services

  • Accident Towing

  • Back Country Recovery

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Emergency Towing, and more

Are you looking for prompt roadside assistance?


When you need immediate roadside assistance service call 307-349-7476. Or you can schedule your roadside assistance service for a later date with a call back by filling out the form below.

    Flat Spare Tire

    When you have a flat tire only to find out your spare is also flat, don’t fret. Call us at Great Divide Towing. We can bring air for your flat spare or give you a tow. We provide prompt towing and roadside assistance services at an affordable rate in Lander, Wyoming.

    Spare Tire Lander

    Flatbed Towing

    Great Divide Towing will transport your vehicle safely with our flatbed tow truck service. Flatbed tow trucks are ideal for towing cars, SUV’s, all wheel drives, or vehicles with a flat tire or damaged wheels. We understand what you’re looking for when you want your car towed. Therefore our staff has the right skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide a reliable flatbed towing service.

    There are two towing options, and depending on the type of vehicle you drive and why you need towing service will be the deciding factor for the best type of truck to send to you for your towing service.
    The first is a wrecker tow truck. With a wrecker, your vehicle is towed on a carrier dolly riding behind the tow truck with either the front or back wheels on the ground. The second is a flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow (aka rollback)truck has a hydraulically leaned bed. It is moved to ground level for an easy loading transition with a winch that allows an accident vehicle or vehicles with a mechanical failure a safer way to load and transport.
    A flatbed tow truck is an ideal way to tow other vehicles that need premiere attention during transport, such as classic cars, luxury vehicles, brand-new vehicles, or towing motorcycles, and a better option for long distance towing.

    Prompt Response

    Our customers are always our priority. Therefore, our dispatcher will immediately dispatch the appropriate and closest tow truck to resolve your roadside frustration. No matter the hour of the day or night, we are always just a phone call away. There’s no need to wait when you have the best towing team by your side 24/7.
    Whether you need a short or long distance tow for your Toyota Camry or an unlock for one of your fleet delivery cars, Great Divide Towing will treat you right with professional, affordable service. Our drivers are respectful, honest, and friendly.

    Spare Tire Lander

    Car Problems? Call Us!

    A breakdown can happen at any time. But knowing who to call when it does will provide you with peace of mind no matter the hour. Great Divide Towing is the professional towing team to call whether you have a flat tire or need a tow after an accident. Our uniformed drivers will arrive with a smile and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable during your frustrating breakdown. So, don’t wait any longer. The faster you call, the faster we can have you back on the road.

    Your Roadside Support Experts