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Prompt Roadside Help Lander, Wyoming

Are you stranded roadside in Lander and are searching for a prompt towing company near me?

Give Us A Call At Great Divide Towing! 307-349-7476
Our towing team provides prompt, affordable roadside assistance, flatbed towing, and accident towing services in the Lander area. No matter the hour or the weather, you can count on our team to get you back on the road fast. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by knowledgeable dispatchers who can answer any questions you may have about the services we provide.

Our tow truck operators are ready to handle all your emergency roadside assistance needs and wrecker services around the clock every day.

Check out a few of our prompt services below:

  • Affordable Towing Services

  • Accident Towing

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Back Country Recovery

  • Equipment Transport

  • Motorcycle Towing, and more

Is Your Vehicle Broke Down On The Side Of The Road?


For immediate assistance call 307-349-7476. For assistance at a  scheduled time with a call back fill out the form below.

    Immediate Emergency Roadside Help

    Don’t wait for hours for a towing company to help you. Call us at Great Divide Towing. Our highly skilled tow truck operators are ready and willing to help you immediately. You can count on our team for an immediate response no matter the hour of the day or night.

    Roadside Help

    Tire Change Service

    Patty cake, patty cake goes the tire. There’s nothing worse than hearing the old nursing rhyme beat coming from your car, truck, SUV, or all wheel drive vehicle. It’s the sound of your flat tire beating the pavement. Your only option is to pull over and change your flat, or you can cause structural damage to the wheel, brakes, alignment, and potentially other components like your suspension and steering system.
    Our team at Great Divide Towing will come to you and change your flat tire. And if you don’t have a spare, we can tow you to a tire shop of your choosing or provide you with several shops for a new tire.
    Our tow truck operators are detail oriented and will respect all your tools. After we provide the tire change for your car, you can count on us to place your tire tools back in their rightful place. From emergency roadside assistance to accident towing, motorcycle towing, and winching services taking care of your roadside emergency needs at an affordable rate, efficiently, and professionally is always our priority.

    Flatbed Towing

    Do you need help determining if your car requires towing with a flatbed tow truck? Flatbed towing is necessary for all wheel drive, four wheel drive, luxury vehicles, and low profile vehicles. And if you’ve been in an accident, depending on the damage, a flatbed towing may be necessary. Another time it’s best to use a flatbed tow truck is when you need a long distance tow, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Overall, flatbed tow trucks are the safest option for towing because your car is kept entirely off the road through transport. Your tires are protected from uneven wear and tear, thus helping to prevent premature repair and replacement of your tires. With your vehicle on the truck’s bed, your car won’t run over bumps and is less likely to be damaged by debris during transport.
    In our arsenal of trucks, we have clean flatbed tow trucks operated by highly knowledgeable tow truck operators who are ready to manage all your flatbed towing needs. You can count on our team to get your vehicle from point A to B damage free, from long and short distances to classic cars, luxury, or lowered vehicles. Our rates are affordable, and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Roadside Help

    Helping Motorists Get Back On The Road Fast

    One thing is for sure. You never know when your car will have a flat tire, a dead battery, or need a tow. But what you can count on is us at Great. Divide Towing to be there with just one phone call when you need it. We provide exceptional customer service and efficient towing and roadside assistance at an affordable rate. We are all about helping you get your car back on the road again promptly, whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV and need a tow, a winch, or one of our superior roadside services..

    Your Roadside Support Experts